It’s hard to believe it’s been just over a year since Demi’s 90-day stint in rehab for a variety of issues including an eating disorder, depression, and cutting. After leaving treatment, the former Disney superstar debated returning to the spotlight. After all, it was the pressures of fame — and the scrutiny that came along with it — that landed her in the position she was in. “I thought, ‘I’m exhausted, people don’t understand and so many people are being negative towards me,'” the 19-year-old says in a new interview with UK’s Metro. “It’s hard. There are so many pressures that are put on you when you’re in the industry. But I love doing it, I love singing. I don’t want to give that up just because the going gets tough.”

Not only is she not giving up, she’ll be sharing her difficult journey with the world in her MTV documentary, Stay Strong, named after the message she got tattooed across her wrists after she left rehab. The hour-long special, which will premiere on March 6, follows the singer behind the scenes as she was promoting her post-rehab album, Unbroken, and still dealing with her issues, which she is very candid about in the doc. “I wanted to share my story, but I knew it had to be honest, it had to be real,” Demi said. She continued: “I have daily challenges, but so do many kids who are struggling to feel comfortable in their own skin. If opening up and sharing my story inspires even one person to stay strong or to get the help they need, I’ve succeeded.” We love her dedication–and her sense of style–in these sporty Versace shades. –rpuccia

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