Down, up, and down again. Janet Jackson famously yo-yo’s up and down with her weight and now she’s svelte as can be these days as seen in her new Nutrisystem ad campaign. Clad in a fly, body-hugging orange dress, the 45-year-old singer, debuted her much trimmer figure this week which she attributes to Nutrisystem’s low-glycemic diet plan. And she couldn’t be happier with the results, declaring in the ad, “This is what success looks like.” As a matter a fact, Janet’s body has transformed so dramatically in the ads that there’s already been Internet chatter that her image was digitally altered.

She doesn’t reveal exactly how many pounds she shed on the program and previously told USA Today that she doesn’t intend to. “I’m not viewing this as a diet,” she said. “I’m not putting a number on it. I don’t look at the scale. I’m going about it in a different way this time.” In her 2011 book True You, Janet opened up about her life-long struggles with unhealthy body image and during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show she told Jay Leno that her heaviest weight was a whopping 180lbs back in 2006. Let’s hope she got it right this time, cuz she looks fab. Here, she’s dynamite in sleek black open-sided Tom Ford shades. –rpuccia

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