Rumor has it that X-Factor is looking for new judges, after firing  Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger at the beginning of the year.  Britney Spears is one of the choices, and the next teen sensation since Britney might be hired, too – we’re talking about Miley Cyrus. With her Hanna Montana days behind her, the singer/actress might take a new step in her career, that of reality TV.

Until the X-Factor gig is confirmed, we can only focus on the skinny factor: Miley lost nearly 25 pounds in just a few months, while regularly doing Pilates and reducing the number of calories in her meals. Meanwhile, she keeps mentioning churros in her tweets, and speaks about them as “cravings”. Miley’s skinny arms and small waist are reason of worry for her fans and the press. We think that, as long as she doesn’t develop an eating disorder, she looks lovely in her sporty ensemble, with flip flops and Ray Ban aviators.

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