It’s official: Gerard Butler is coming back to Hollywood South to work with Millenium Films. He’s going to play an ex-secret agent, and part of the movie will take place at the White House. Filming will start this summer and the movie will be released in 2014. This makes Butler a very busy man, but he still lives up to his name of a ladies man. While Lindsay Lohan hopes they’ll co-star in “Liz and Dick“, the biographical movie about Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, the 42 year old Scottish actor went clubbing with some friends last week, but could only be seen chatting and flirting with an unknown brunette. “They were attached at the hip and had their attention on one another all night,” a source said. And what a good influence she is, because the recently-out-of-rehab actor didn’t even touch alcohol through the night. Light partying still requires some covering though, so Butler can be seen wearing Dolce&Gabbana aviators lately.

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