Leighton Meester walking to the set of Gossip Girl in NYC on August 4, 2010.

Photo: coolspotters.com

Bad news about Gossip Girl fans: the show’s end is near. However, you still have an entire season to enjoy before it all ends with the traditional “xo, xo”. The show’s actors are not very disappointed, though: “Playing the same character for six years is great, but it’s exciting to do other things and also just sleeping and spending time with my family,” said Leighton Meester, the infamous Queen B. She says that the whole thing is “bittersweet”, but that she’s looking forward to moving on with other roles. Her latest movie, That’s My Boy, just premiered this week, and Leighton stole the spotlight at the premiere, in a tie dye Vivienne Westwood mini dress. Asked about her style, Leighton says:  “I think it really began with my character on ‘Gossip Girl’ and living in New York and working with the most amazing stylist and the people who brought these characters to life… It’s just really not just me because I can do rehearsals and do blocking and say my lines and be in here in makeup but when the clothes go on, it’s the cherry on top, you know, that makes the character really come to life… I’ve gotten pretty lucky in the last years to be able to play characters that actually have great fashion sense.” Whether she’s dressed by a stylist or by herself, Leighton can surely rock a simple t-shirt and a pair of sunglasses!

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