See what your favorite TV stars have been up to after Gossip Girl ended.

Gossip Girl finale

Scene from the Gossip Girl season finale, which aired in December 2012. Image c/o

Almost a year after Gossip Girl ended, it almost seems like it never even happened. The six seasons CW show was cult, and while it started out strong, it got pretty weak towards the end. The identity of Gossip Girl was a disappointment for most, but what remains is the actors that debuted in the series, and the incredible fashion we've seen between 2007 and 2012. We had a look at what the cast has been up to all these months, and here is the scoop:

Blake Lively Burberry

Blake Lively attended the NYC premiere of “Turbo” in a stylish Burberry look. Image c/o Getty

Blake Lively, aka Serena van der Woodsen, surprised everyone when she and Ryan Reynolds got married in September 2012, just months before the show was through. They seem to have a carefree marriage, and Blake recently accompanied her husband to the premiere of his movie, Turbo, with all eyes on her stunning gemstone Burberry skirt. The actress recently admitted to Lucky Magazine that she doesn't have a stylist, which makes her even cooler! Since the show ended, she's only been seen in Savages, a drama/thriller that got good reviews. She also made a move in her fashion associations, exchanging Chanel Mademoiselle fragrance for Gucci Premiere. We hope Karl isn't too upset!

Leighton Meester Clubmasters

Leighton Meester on the streets of LA, wearing a floral dress and Clubmaster sunglasses. Image c/o

Leighton Meester, or Blair Waldorf as you may know her, was relieved that the show was over. She cut her hair in a bob almost immediately after the filming was over, moved from New York to LA, and took to more positive parts. We will see her in God Only Knows and  Any Tom, Dick or Harry in 2013, and next year in Life Partners, with Adam Brody and Gillian Jacobs, and the drama The Judge, featuring Robert Downey Jr. Since her mini-tour in 2012, with her band Check in the Dark, and the promise of a demo album, Leighton hasn't been very active in the music department.

Penn Badgley Carrera

Penn Badgley at an event, wearing Carrera sunglasses & stripes. Image c/o

Penn Badgley, aka Dan Humphrey, played the son of a musician (again!) in Greetings from Tim Buckley last year, and had a smaller role in Periods. The actor is currently filming Parts Per Billion, a romantic drama to be released in 2014. He had been dating Lenny Kravitz' daughter, Zoë Kravitz for two years when they broke up this June, and he hasn't revealed any new girlfriend since.

Chace Crawford Mr Porter

Chace Crawford in a photo shoot for Mr. Porter. Image c/o

Chace Crawford, who played Nate Archibald, starred in this Mr. Porter photo shoot around the time the show ended (and looked hot!). About the final episodes, he said it felt like he was “leaving college, just without a degree”. After the success of What to Expect When You're Expecting in 2012, Chace's next step in acting is Responsible Adults, a romantic comedy featuring Katie Holmes as Chace's crush and former baby sitter. It is not certain when the movie will be out, or if he has plans for other roles.

Ed Westwick & Jessica Szohr

Ed Westwick (here in Ray Ban aviators) & Jessica Szohr have had an on-and-off relationship for years. Image c/o Bauer Griffin

Ed Westwick, aka Chuck Bass, kept an intimate relation with co-star Jessica Szohr (Vanessa Abrams). Although we're not sure if the two are currently an official couple, we can say that they're been seen together every once in a while. Ed plays Tybalt in the latest adaptation of Romeo & Juliet (starring Hailee Steinfeld & Douglas Booth), and is rumored to be part of the cast in the drama Bone in the Throat in 2014. Meanwhile, Jesssica  has been working hard on her acting career, her releases for 2013 being no less than 7! This includes a role in the sitcom Men at Work, a main part in Light Years and in the TV movie The List, where she plays an FBI agent.

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen in her rock'n'roll look. Image c/o

Taylor Momsen is far from her Jenny Humphrey character these days. The 20 year old left the show early on, to pursue a musical career, and only returned occasionally, including the season finale. Her band, The Pretty Reckless, is quite successful in the rock niche, and Taylor stated that music allows her to be herself, unlike acting. The band's fourth single, Kill Me, was included in the season finale of Gossip Girl. Next in line is a new album, called Going To Hell. Taylor hasn't acted since the end of the show.