Emma Bunton Looks Fab in her Tom Ford Sunglasses

Foxy Bingo Celebrity Mom and Vintage Sunglasses: A Winning Combination
Emma Bunton
Former Spice Girls member Emma Bunton is considered a fashion icon by many music fans because of her unique style that combines “sugar and spice” just like what girls are made up of. She looks sweet wearing her pink dress and at the same time appears feisty in her tight leather jeans. No wonder she has won the hearts of many women including the players from FoxyBingo, where she got the most votes for “Celebrity Mom of the Year” because of her beauty, personality, and versatility.

Even if she doesn’t carry the name Baby Spice anymore, she still remained as one of the most sought after celebrities in the United Kingdom. Aside from keeping busy with her family and playing bingo, this hot momma still manages to maintain a flourishing career. She appeared on BBC’s Absolutely Fabulous from 2003 to 2012; and performed together with other Spice Girls members at the Summer Olympics held last year in London. Emma is now one of the judges of the hit TV show Your Face Sounds Familiar and was recently spotted wearing a vintage-style Tom Ford sunglasses.

So what’s with girls and those sunglasses? It’s like leaving the house without their mobile phone. Sunglasses are essential when going out because it protects your eyes from the damaging rays of the sun and from the glares of the lights in the bingo halls. It is also a stylish piece so choosing the perfect pair can enhance your look. Taking some tips from Emma Bunton, here are some styles that she was seen wearing:

Tom Ford Carli Tom Ford Carli
This style has that vintage inspiration to it because of its wide lens. She also chose the one with a purple tortoise color, which looked perfect with her floral dress and her grey coat.

Tom Ford Wayfarer  Tom-Ford-Wayfarer
Wearing this pair of sunglasses will give you an intellectual image because of its grey lens, so the eyes are still visible. The black frames match well with a suit or any semi-formal outfit.

Tom Ford CharlesTom-Ford-Charles
The aviator frame shape of the Tom Ford Charles will remind you of the movie “Top Gun” where Tom Cruise popularized this kind of shades. This is perfect for any pair of jeans and shirt.