The record was released on March 21st by RCA Records.

The cover of Shakira - Shakira

The cover of Shakira – Shakira. Image via Billboard

Just a bit over a month after releasing the steamy music video for “Can’t Remember to Forget You“, featuring Rihanna, Shakira launched her new self-titled record (available on iTunes). It’s been four years since her last studio album, and it generally got good reviews. Check out the track-by-track analysis of the record on Billboard. “It’s been two-and-a-half years of making songs, trashing them, doing them again, doing eight versions of each song, having a baby, doing “The Voice,” coming back to the studio, reconnecting with my songs,” the singer told Billboard. She also mentions that she feels divided between her family and her career, yet she can still find time for both. “I miss him (n.n. Gerard Piqué) when I’m away and the baby is so little (n.n. 14 months). I sometimes feel guilty.”

Shakira smiles in mirror aviator sunglasses.

Shakira smiles in mirror aviator sunglasses. Image via

But just because her new album is good, doesn’t mean it protects the singer from scandal. The song ‘Boig per tú’ is sang in Catalan, which made a bunch of fans really angry. They took to Twitter to call the performer a “traitor”, “stupid” and “disgusting” for choosing to do the song like that. Allegedly, the singer supports the idea of an independent Catalan state, but her fans and citizens of the region don’t consider that appropriate. The singer didn’t reply to these allegations on Twitter or elsewhere.