Fendi and Fendi FS 1014M sunglasses Photograph

Photo: outfitidentifier.com

The Prometheus actress, Charlize Theron, can go in just a few days from red carpet glamorous beauty to a bold Furiosa. Say what? Just recently, Theron attended the MTV Movie Awards, looking flawless in a strapless, peplum red dress, but she’s only been seen wearing a hat since. At a closer view, it looks like the actress cut off her blond locks – and she did it for the part of “Furiosa”, for the upcoming production of Mad Max 4 (“Fury Road”). She’ll start shooting next month in Africa, together with Tom Hardy: “The original Mad Max created such a vivid world, so to go back and re-imagine it and re-play in that sandbox sounds like fun to me. Its a really challenging piece of material… I feel very lucky,” she said. The gorgeous blond doesn’t look bad at all in her new haircut, following the footsteps of Anne Hathaway or Natalie Portman, who’ve also gone bald for their career in the past.Let’s take a moment to remember her long hair, covered in a beanie and in Fendi sunglasses, shall we?

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