Ashley Greene and Versace 4214 Sunglasses Photograph


We’ve seen Ashley Greene in Versace sunglasses before, but we have to admit this is a style that really suits her. The cat eye shaped sunglasses in havana are a perfect match with her face shape and hair color – win! The Twilightactress is now off to play a real, alive person – she’s Lisa Kristal in the new movie CBCB, which tells the story of the iconic namesake club in New York. “It’s a little nerve-racking to play someone who existed, who’s a real person that’s still alive,” the actress mentioned. Greene is skyping with the real Kristal to get to know her better and understand the role – talk about dedication! On a different note, we find it funny that a girl who’s so into her iPhone can become the host of the Samsung Galaxy III event – isn’t that the opposite of dedication and devotion?

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