With an aura of controversy always above his head, Tom Cruise is making his comeback at Hollywood. His latest piece, Rock of Ages, is a retro musical, also starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Alec Baldwin and Russel Brand. However, it’s been discussed that the movie will not be a box office success – but, who knows, it might become a cult-movie in a decade or two! Although Cruise gave all his best for this role, and everyone agreed that he did an excellent job, the overall ratings of the movie are disappointing – especially for such a cast! And here’s something else we found about the 49 year old actor – against Botox and other such interventions, Cruise is actually enthusiastic about any natural beauty treatments, such as the mix of… nightingale excrement with rice bran and water into a face mask! Apparently, the Mission: Impossible actor thinks it’s not impossible for weird things to work, and he’s excited by the fantastic boost that this mask gives his skin. Rumor has it, Victoria Beckham uses the same treatment!

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