Gucci Oversized Square-Frame Acetate Sunglasses Photograph

Photo: Getty Images


35-year old The Help actress Jessica Chastain has her resume filled with awards nominations, both for her acting and for her looks. It’s no wonder that producers offer her new parts and fashion brands want to hire her as a model. In movie theaters this year, we’re gonna see her in Tar, To the Wonder, Mama and Zero Dark Thirty. In August, the new Yves Saint Lauren fragrance Manifesto will be out, and Chastain is the face of the perfume. “Jessica embodies the quintessence of Saint Laurent’s femininity, a woman of her day and age, independent, determined, never where you expect her to be,” says international general manager of the brand, Stephan Bezy. Chastain will be featured in purple painted gloves and her gorgeous red locks, although that’s not something you’ll see again too soon: for her role in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, the actress actually cut her hair short. And guess what: she looks stunning in the new do! For a look at Chastain’s old hairstyle, here she is in a parka and Gucci sunglasses.

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