Converse Chorus Sunglasses Photograph


Confession time with Mila Kunis: the super hot 28 year old actress, born in Ukraine, wasn’t one of the popular girls in school. Fame hit early, since she was starring in That 70s Show at just 14; she landed magazine covers and looked glamorous – but not the same could be said about her everyday look. She said: “I think at, like, 16 or 17 I was on the cover of Stuff, which was a horrible thing to do because then you have these boys who assume that you look this way when you don’t. It was enhanced. ” As much as she loves the old seventies show, she says that she cannot watch reruns, not wanting to see herself go through puberty all over again. Even knowing that her photos are enhanced, we cannot help but awe over her latest Dior campaign for the fall line – glam, old Hollywood and gorgeous. Although, seeing her in sweatpants and Converse sunglasses is kind of a relief.

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