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Last year, Charlie Sheen started a Twitter account, mostly to state his opinions on being fired from Two and  Half Men. He reached 1 million followers in record time – as documented by the Guinness Book of Records – and he accidentally tweeted his phone number. The actor now decided to end the frenzy and close his account, which was “not his idea in the first place”. On his way to redemption, the 46 year old Hot Shots actor will donate a percent of what he makes for his new sitcom, Anger Management, to the USO. The sum is one of the largest ever donating, with the actor guaranteeing at least $1 million will be given. Moreover, his “daughter” in the show, 19 year old Daniela Bobadilla, says that he’s very humane and generous on the set, not acting like a celebrity at all. Could it be that the former drug addict is now clean and fresh? This would explain his newly expressed wish to be part of the American Idol crew, as a judge.

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