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The actor told Metro that he’s currently single.

Of course you fancy Alexander Skarsgard, who doesn’t? The True Blood star has been interviewed by Metro magazine, and the most popular fan question was, by far, “will you marry me?” It doesn’t even matter which fans are female and which are male. The 36 actor has been voted Sweden’t sexiest man alive five times in a row – and he’s just 36! It’s no wonder his scene from the series finale – which implied full frontal nudity – was all the talk for the past week… “When you read a script, you imagine the character, and if your vision of him is not handsome, you can’t not do it because you are worried you are not going to be considered sexy if you play it that way. That is just very important to me,” he says, about the possibility of being so handsome affecting his work.

Unfortunately for True Blood fans, Skarsgard may not be returning for the new season. His six years contract expired, so he tells the mag he’s not sure what will happen next. Famous in his home country from the age of 13, the actor says he’s not very comfortable with fame, and that’s the reason he doesn’t keep a Twitter account. His privacy is important, and being linked to every woman he talks to doesn’t really help. “If you have lunch with any girl friend – and I mean just a platonic friend – there’ll be a story like you’re in a serious relationship or whatever. There’s nothing you can do about that – so I try not to let it affect me,” he says. So is he seeing anyone right now? Fortunately for many fans, no.

His fashion sense? Based on basic pieces, colors and combinations. One of his favorite looks seems to be the white tee plus jeans plus Persol sunglasses, one that can be described as classic and cool at the same time.

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