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The rapper has to manage his anger somehow.

Chris Brown Persol

Chris Brown laughing in his Persol sunglasses at a 2008 event. Image c/o

Just a few days ago, on October 27, Chris Brown was arrested for felony assault. The rapper, who is known for having had violent mishaps in his past, allegedly got into an argument with a man in front of the W Hotel in Washington, and things took a turn for the worse when he got physical with the other person. The 24 year old hadn’t consumed drugs or alcohol, which led the specialists to believe that it was an anger issue.

Subsequently, Brown voluntarily checked himself in to a rehab facility in LA, where he could do all the anger management sessions he needs. “Chris Brown has elected to enter a rehab facility. His goal is to gain focus and insight into his past and recent behavior, enabling him to continue the pursuit of his life and his career from a healthier vantage point,” the rapper’s rep told the press. Over the weekend, his felony charge was reduced to misdemeanor, but authorities still have an eye on him since the 2009 incident with ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Brown is still on felony probation and he may be facing jail time for violating the probation by being arrested.

Chris Brown Arrest

Chris Brown and his bodyguards at the H. Carl Moultriel courthouse. Image c/o

Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, said that “He just decided he wanted to take some time off and do some introspection.” Despite all the media attention, Brown appears casual on his Twitter, talking about  a Halloween party he’s hosting and not stating anything about the arrest or rehab. Riri doesn’t appear interested in the whole thing, either: she’s more focused on wishing BFF Katy Perry “happy birthday” through heartfelt collages.


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