Photo: Getty Images

Anne Hathaway made an appearance at Stella McCartney’s Resort 2013 fashion show, wearing a masculine inspired look: a white Stella McCartney blazer and cropped pants, with a graphic tee and black Ray Ban sunglasses. The actress is taking advantage of her newly acquired short do to accentuate her femininity. About her role as Catwoman, a Vanity Fair critic said: “For this if nothing else, The Dark Knight Rises will endure as a milestone: I never thought there would be a better Catwoman than Julie Newmar, never, but Anne Hathaway owns the role after uttering a single ‘Ooops.'” It wasn’t all that easy to make the catsuit fit like a… catsuit, though. The actress turned to an almost entirely vegan diet, with whole grains, avocado, almonds, sesame seeds, and ginger, to control blood sugar and keep her protein levels up. It was all worth it in the end: “Of the days I worked on the movie, less than half was spent wearing the suit. I concentrated on enjoying wearing it, I think it’s pretty cool!” said Hathaway.

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