All eyes are on London right now, as the British capital is hosting the Olympic Games. What does that mean for the royal family? Even more exposure! While the queen herself had a part in the opening ceremony, chatting with Mr. Bond, the young couple William and Kate have  more personal issues to take care of. Like the fact that The Duchess’ sister, Pippa Middleton, has been on a roll: after attending a party in Paris where a stripper popped out of a cake on “God Save the Queen”, she was spotted in a car with a friend who pointed a fake gun at the paparazzi. Ultimately, Pippa agreed to cool down with her partying habits, and follow a set of rules laid by the Buckingham Palace. Kate went even further, as to welcome her sister to move in at Kesignton Palace, but the prince didn’t grant her this wish. ‘Kate was disappointed, but she understood what Wills was saying,’ said a source. Meanwhile, Pippa is getting ready to launch and  promote her new book, “Celebrate”, which is a sort of manual on how to host festivities for friends and family.

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