Who wore it best: Lisa Kudrow vs. Jennifer Aniston
It’s been eight years since Friends’ final episode aired. Still, fans haven’t forgotten Monica, Rachel and Phoebe, Ross, Joey and Chandler. Each actor continued with a more or less successful career, but it’s Jennifer Aniston that kept the spotlight for most (her marriage with Brad Pitt helped, to). The actress donned a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses in her movie “The Bounty Hunter”, and we couldn’t help by notice that former co-star Lisa Kudrow likes wearing the same sunglasses in real life! Oval in shape and with cutouts at the sides, the Tom Ford FT 0008 sunglasses look great on both actresses, and they both wore them with black outfits. That’s why we think wearing these sunglasses with a little black dress, booties, a trench coat and a friendship bracelet is the way to go! As for the two actresses, you can see Aniston in Burning Love this year, while Kurdow continues her new TV series Web Therapy.
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