Who wore it best: Dakota Fanning vs. Katy Perry in Prada sunglasses
We wonder what celebrities think when they find they have similar fashion taste with another celebrity: are they pissed, are they excited? Between 18-year old Dakota Fanning and 27-year old Katy Perry, we can’t tell who would be envious on who: they’re both at the peak of their careers, appreciated style icons and beautiful women. However, we must admit Fanning was a bit lazy wearing her Prada sunglasses to the gym – with layered tops and the obligatory water bottle.  Perry took them for a way more fashionable spin, as she attended a Miu Miu show in a Prada dress, purse and sandals. To compromise, we think they’d both be into the black collar Limi Feu dress  with Prada sandals and purse. As it turns out, Fanning’s red carpet style is way better than this, as she attended the movie premiere of “Now is Good” in a fabulous sequin gown that amazed the crowd. About Perry, her friend and hair stylist says: “She’s so rock and roll, she’s got her guitar; she’s always had that undertone, so I think it’ll probably go in this direction.”‬
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