Ever since she cut and bleached her hair, it looks like Hannah Montana has become a different person. And not just physically: this girl is independent and does whatever she wants! Nothing can come between her and her famous Twitter account, which is where she documented her haircut two months ago. Nothing – and not even fiance Liam Hemsworth! Miley Cyrus recently tweeted some personal stuff, showing that she’s not entirely satisfied with her relationship, which made the Hunger Games star to ask her to give up Twitter forever. The singer/actress has quit the microblogging platform before, when they started dating in 2009. This time, however, she doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. And why would she? Everything is going great for her: the actress is rumored to have gained the female lead in a Bonnie & Clyde TV mini series for Lifetime. You will also see her in a cameo role in Two and a Half Men this season.

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