Photo: coolspotters

After giving birth in July, Sienna Miller looks exactly like she did before the pregnancy. Her daughter, Marlowe, left no extra weight and not even signs of tiredness. The 30 year old “Alfie” actress and her fiance Tom Sturridge have been spotted around town more than once, and we can only assume that Miller has got one hell of a nanny. However, she’s revealed to the press that she still needs to feed the baby every three hours: ” She’s a fast feeder. It’s fortunate. When she gets older and is in school, we’ll work it out. She’s the most important thing. I don’t want to be anywhere except near her.”It’s time for her to go back to work though, since her latest HBO movie “The Girl” is almost done filming. “The film is called “The Girl” because that’s how Hitchcock referred to his star,” according to The New York Times. Miller plays Tippi Hendren, Hitchhock’s blonde obsession of the 1960s movies “The Birds” and “Marnie”. The film airs on October 20th on Home Box Office, and it’s probably going to cause interest for the big screen production, Hitchhock, starring Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel.

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