Brokeback Mountain actor, Jake Gyllenhaal, is making is off-Broadway debut  in If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet at the Roundabout Theater Company. But don’t worry about him leaving Hollywood, because the fine 31 year old is starring in a motion picture as well: End of Watch. It’s a cop drama featuring Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña, playing two suburban California cops through their daily duties. Their routine is interrupted by a case that’s bigger than usual, which sucks them in despite their efforts and their being warned against that. The film is shot documentary style, for a more realistic view. “The movie means a lot to me,” Gyllenhaal said. “What I pride myself in is being able to read that script and see the heart in that movie. I think Michael prides himself too in that we, on day two, were able to bring the heart out.” Both actors spent five months with police officers before starting filming, and they now consider having a better understanding of the job. And it looks that the part suits him, since Gyllenhaal accepted a detective role in the upcoming Prisoners.

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