When Justin Bieber instagrammed a photo of himself and captioned it “Lingse”, the press decided that it’s an anagram for single and that him and long term girlfriend Selena Gomez have called it quits. However, both parties declared that they’re totally fine, with Gomez preparing for the new Wizards of Waverly Placemovie next year. “Selena is with Justin all the time, and they are happy. They are totally fine, and people just like to make up drama about their relationship because it makes for a good story,” reports say. Now that that’s settled, Gomez can enjoy her title of “woman of the year”, given by Glamour magazine to one special lady every December. The singer/actress will cover the magazine and have a spread inside it. It’s no wonder she was picked, as she had a really full year: launching a perfume, clothing line, together with acting and signing is quite a lot for a 20 year old!

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