Would you rather: Jessica Szohr vs. Chastain in Versace sunglasses
27 year old Jessica Szohr and 35 year old Jessica Chastain share a first name and a taste in eyewear. Both actresses were spotted rocking cat eye shaped Versace sunglasses of the January Jones collection, but they don’t have much else in common. Szohr became famous for her role in Gossip Girl, and is now trying to break away from her role as Vanessa and into the big screen, her latest endeavor being the comedy Two Night Stand. Chastain, on the other hand, already has her act together, with a bunch of awards for The Help and an Oscar nomination this year for Zero Dark Thirty. But when it comes to sunglasses, who wore it best? We think both the brunette and the redhead would agree that a pair of white skinny jeans would look good on them, in Szohr’s style, with a denim shirt and chunky heel Acne Pistol ankle boots. And who could say no to a beautiful coat with leather sleeves, and an Alexander Wang bag?
Get the look: Versace VE4214 sunglasses, $142.