Irina Shayk Ray Ban


Russian model Irina Shayk wasn’t very lucky with hurricane Sandy. Apparently, she was in Europe when the storm happened, and she returned to a flooded New York apartment. Apparently, she came to the States to assess the damage, and it was a handful. The location is a duplex in Perry Street, bought for $1.9 million in 2010. Shayk is the host of Russia’s Next Top Model, so she’s not permanently in the U.S., which leaves her enough time to makeover or sell the apartment. And she might be luckier in love: rumor has it boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo is ready to pop the question! Could this have to do with her modelling¬†Alessandro Angelozzi wedding dresses in a recent photo shoot? “For now, what I want is to be a good father to my 2-year-old son,” the footballer said, but he does want “one or two more children” sometime in the future, but ‘that will depend on many things’. He has a kid with a surrogate mother, and has been dating Shayk for a few years now. Who wouldn’t? The girl is stunning whether she’s wearing a gown or a casual all black ensemble, with Ray Ban sunglasses.

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