Megan Fox made a guest appearance in her husband’s new show, Wedding Band. Fox and Brian Austin Green had a very intimate sex scene, whereas Fox plays the star of a sci-fi series and reveals its finale to Green’s character, in bed. Green has no problem with his wife appearing in his show, as a matter of fact, he prefers it that way. The actor revealed: “I prefer Mr. Green, only because it’s what we’ve named our kids. But I guess if I had to be one or the other, Mr. Fox would be better. 90210 is a zip code, I don’t know if I want to be known as a mailing address. At least with Mr. Fox, it’s closer to home,” he said about being called “Mr. 90210”. How the turn tables turn! When the two started dating, Brian Austin Green was the star, and Fox was just arm candy. After Transformers, and with the fans of Beverly Hills, 90210 growing older and less interested in the cast, it’s Fox that is the star in the couple these days! Fix gave birth to their first child on September 27th, and she’s already out there working again. Pictured here pre-pregnancy, Fox is wearing sweatpants and a white tee with a pair of semi-rimmed Versace sunglasses.