Glee star, Jenna Ushkowitz, has a more prominent role in the show this season, given that part of the cast have “graduated” and make briefer appearances. Ushkowitz and Vanessa Lengies, who are both considered great dancers in the show, also take part in a dance-off at Dance Central3  Throwdown. The two trained with choreographers of the new Xbox game, and Ushkowitz stated: “I think I’ll be the Dance Battle champion because I’m a champion at everything.. in my heart.” The South Korean actress, who, at 26, is long past her high school years, is a Broadway performer and has been in the spotlight since she was 3. She even goes way back with co-star Lea Michele, whom she knows since she was 8. Kind of reminds you of the whole BritneyChristina Mickey Mouse Club, doesn’t it? Pictured above, Ushkowitz is wearing a yellow t-shirt and a gray cardigan, with a wishbone pendant and Gucci sunglasses – a simple and casual look.

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