Angelina Jolie Dolce&Gabbana


Angelina Jolie rarely leaves the house without her kids, her Louis Vuiton bag and her aviators. Even little Knox is wearing tiny aviators! Out of her collection, she went for Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses this time, with a gold frame that looks great against the all black outfit. The Jolie-Pitt family is getting ready for Christmas, and of course, it’s their 6 kids that are most excited. Now at ages between 4 and 11, the famous kids were taken to Littlebourne, England, to send their handwritten wishlists to Santa. The post office assistant was overwhelmed, and said the entire scene was very beautiful: “Just like any other kids in a sweet shop they were excited, but Angelina controlled them perfectly. [Jolie] was so polite and a really nice person.” The family has been in a local village, as Brad Pitt is filming his latest flick, a zombie thriller. Locals even saw Pitt taking the eldest kid, Maddox, to the theater to see the latest James Bond: Skyfall! We wonder if any of the kids asked Santa for a doll version of their mom? Recently,  Jolie became a doll – one that looks just like her – as artist Noel Cruz painted a number of celebrity dolls in an incredibly accurate manner. Jolie’s mini-me was apparently purchased for $4,300.

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