Emma Watson Ray Ban

Photo: coolspotters.com

A fan of Ray Ban sunglasses, Emma Watson doesn’t miss an opportunity to show off her collection. How can one resist when the sunglasses have her name, Emma, a cute cat eye shape and soft color versions? Here, Watson is wearing them with skinny jeans and a long sleeve, ballet flats and a cream bag – perfectly casual and age appropriate. The 22 year old, who plans on returning to college next year, decided to cut the ties with the fashion industry, and focus solely on her acting career. After ads for Burberry, Lancome and Free People, the actress has lost passion for such activities: “It was fun when I was younger, but I don`t think it will be quite as much part of my future, honestly. Now that I know acting is the thing I want to do, that`s more where my passion is and my focus is. I still find fashion very interesting, but it`s quite full-on. I am finding more and more that I don`t want to wear a dress and heavy make-up… I want to wear jeans more. It`s quite intense to do it all the time,” Watson said. That’s too bad, because this girl is the type that can really make a dress!

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