Ashley Olsen


No one else could’ve worn these Prada sunglasses better than Ashley Olsen! The actress turned fashion designer apparently went through a troubling experience, as her plane from Dallas to El Lay had a terrifying engine fire. The flying company, however, denied there had been any fire and said that they simply had to return to gate and swap planes. Apparently, Olsen didn’t go through a trauma, and she’ll still be flying in the future. Together with her sister, Mary Kate, Ashley is about to launch a $55,000 bag on the market with their high fashion label, The Row. Since their $39,000 sold out, why not put a higher price on their designs? The new bag will be available starting December 12, just in time for Christmas shopping – if anyone can afford it. It’s a collaboration with artist Damien Hirst and it features prescription pills print on a crocodile skin, in a limited edition of 12 bags. Part of the earnings will be donated to UNICEF.

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