Christina Aguilera


Christina Aguilera turned 32 yesterday, sharing a birthday with Brad Pitt and Katie Holmes. “Thank you Fighters for the many sweet birthday messages today! Let There Be Love to you all! XoXtina,” the singer tweeted to her almost 3 million followers. About growing older, the chameleon singer stated: “I am enjoying being a woman now. Every year I think, this is going to be a great year, a new chapter. And it is. I enjoyed being young but I would never relive my teens. Those are hard years for everyone.” And this year has been great for Xtina: a new album and the new season of The Voice are probably two of her greatest accomplishments. But we can’t forget her son: Max is almost 5 now, and he’s really turned his mother’s life around. Here they are pictured together, Aguilera donning her platinum blond hair with oversized Marc Jacobs sunglasses, and the little one looking curious about this world.

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