Kristen Bell


In case you’re still wondering who Gossip Girl is, (spoiler alert!), it’s a combination between Dan Humphrey and Kristen Bell, the latter being the voice of the infamous Upper East Side gossip site. Bell finally made an appearance in the show, for the season finale, after six years of being just a voice. Together with Rachel Bilson, she was acting out a script for Gossip Girl in Gossip Girl – how meta! – as Bilson’s character was auditioning for the part of Blair. If that sounds complicated, it is, just like the entire show and especially it’s finale! And if you’re wondering why she didn’t show more than her head in the scene, it’s because Bell is pregnant! “I’m pretty far [into pregnancy]. I’m about 367 pounds. I’m not sure how far that is in months, but in pounds, that’s where I’m weighing in,” the actress revealed. Bell and her fiance, Dax Shepard, are expecting their first child. Pictured here before all the pregnancy glow, and visibly frumpy, Bell is wearing a floral scarf with gold Ray Ban sunglasses that suit her face shape greatly.

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