Jennifer Lawrence


The Hunger Games just hit the jackpot: the famous action movie, starring Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, took five of the People’s Choice Awards home. The blockbuster was awarded favorite movie, action movie, movie franchise, while the three actors were awarded for their on screen chemistry. And guess who’s the “face of heroism”? That’s right, it’s Jennifer Lawrence! The actress is also in the Academy Award race, who will most likely be nominated for her role in Silver Linings Playbook. Pictured here in a casual look with a striped top, jeans, Mulberry bag and Tory Burch sunglasses, the actress looks confident and fierce. The 22 year old actress now covers Entertainment Weekly, promoting the sequel of the famous movie, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, in theaters November 21. The humorously told the magazine: “I’m so aware of all the b.s. that surrounds Hollywood, and how everyone gets on this high horse and thinks that they’re curing cancer and it makes me so uncomfortable every time I see it. So I go in the exact opposite direction and end up saying something like ‘I’m pregnant!’ when I’m in two franchises.”

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