Krysten Ritter


Animal print suits Krysten Ritter, and so do those skinny jeans and Persol sunglasses! The Bitch in Apartment 23 is on the cover of Fashion Magazine, the February issue, where she discusses her part in the sitcom and her crush on Ryan Gosling (in the same week, Anna Kendrick admitted her fandom of the actor): “Finally, being different is actually cool and accepted. I do think my character is breaking the mold for females on TV… it’s always the boys who get to play the nut jobs and sociopaths. Guys usually get the funny lines and the girls often roll their eyes or have to set up the joke. She’s smart and confident but she’s also the comic relief.” As for Gosling? “I can’t count how many times I’ve seen The Notebook. I’m glad there’s an appetite for a leading man who is unconventional…the world needs more Ryan Goslings.” So true, Krysten, so true!

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