Drew Barrymore

Photo: wantsunglasses.com

Drew Barrymore cover next month’s issue of Good Housekeeping, and, of course, she talks about her family life. “Last night, I was looking at my husband like, What if he weren’t my husband and we hadn’t just had a baby and we were just here with a group of people? I was just having such a crush on him,” the actress said. And even though she’s still working on losing the pregnancy weight, Barrymore couldn’t be happier to be a mom: “My favorite thing about being a mom is just what a better person it makes you on a daily basis. Every morning when I wake her up, the endgame is, Can I get her to smile? And that puts me in a good mood. It’s definitely a different way to live — and a much better one.” Pictured here, Barrymore is rocking a pair of red cat eye Ray Ban sunglasses, and we understand why she’s not in a hurry to look super fit just for the eyes of the press. She says she wants to enjoy time with the baby, rather than try to get the “beach body” that she never had in the first place.

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