Emmy Rossum

Photo: instagram @emmyrossum

Emmy Rossum posted this picture of herself on Instragram recently, and we loved her in the tortoiseshell sunglasses and statement necklace. The actress is even hotter on the cover of Self Magazine February, where she shows off her toned tummy in a beach shot. How does she keep her amazing bod in shape? “When I want to drop weight quickly, I cut back on my cardio and do a lot of weights instead. It’s counterintuitive, because you would think, I should stay on the treadmill for five hours. I also cut out all fruit and eat a lot of protein and vegetables. My go-to moves are walking lunges, leg raises and my favorite: four sets of 15 ballet pliés, holding 8-pound weights.” However, the Shameless actress has her cheats as well:  “When I was filming Beautiful Creatures, I ate 1,500 calories a day—nutritionist Carrie Wiatt sent me meals from L.A. But I also gave myself two cheat days a week. I’d eat a steak and fries, an ice cream sundae and then go to Pinkberry. Of course, then I’d wake up the next morning and go, ‘Oh, great, I’m eating one poached egg and a green apple. Shoot me in the face.’ But it was totally worth it. Now I can gain back those 6 pounds that I had lost to do the movie.”

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