Alexander Skarsgard takes a stroll at Coachella Day 3


Alexander Starsgard takes a stroll at Coachella, wearing a simple, plain outfit in dark colors, with Persol sunglasses and white sneakers. The actor doesn’t seem too excited about the festival, as he’s not too excited about texting, either: “I’m a terrible texter. I like to keep it short and, that’s sometimes a problem because it can come across as you’re being rude. I’m not trying to be rude. It just takes me forever. I’m not a good texter, and with these big hands, it takes me a long time,” he recently told a publication. That’s pretty strange, for a Disconnect star, don’t you think? Starsgard actually describes himself as a “technophobe” rather than a technophile, and he says that he’s terrible when it comes to technology. His co-stars, Jasob Bateman, Max Thieriot and Paula Patton, both describe themselves as tech enthusiasts, so we’re sort of wondering how Starsgard got a part in such a tech-driven movie!

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