Marion Cotillard Persol sunglasses


Marion Cotillard is elegant in a pair of Persol sunglasses and a delicate blush dress at Cannes Festival. The gorgeous actress, who is also the mother of a 1 year old, told a magazine how she chooses a red carpet gown: “It’s all very simple. My team puts forward a selection of dresses and I choose the one I feel most natural in. When I first saw the dress at the Dior show (n.n. the one she wore at BAFTA), I didn’t fall in love with it straight away. It was when I saw it up close, that colour, its edgy side – it’s a piece of art.” The French actress, who was nominated for Best Leading Actress for her role in Rust and Bone, is a longtime ambassador of Dior, and she’s worked with the fashion house both under John Galliano and Raf Simmons: “I’m honestly amazed by what he’s done there, how he’s found his personality and injected that into the clothes. It’s so admirable. It could have taken him a lot longer to get to where he already has. I’ve met him a few times and he has such a creative spirit. He uses such beautiful materials and I love the architecture of his designs. He’s an amazing choice for Dior,” she said about the latter.

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