Penn Badgley in Carrera sunglasses


Penn Badgley looks hot in his layered outfit and Carrera sunglasses, you wouldn’t even think he was Gossip Girl all along. The actor hit the red carpet at Tribeca this week, with his co-star Imogen Poots from the movie Greetings From Tim Buckley. The film takes place back in 1991, and Badgley plays Jeff, Tim Buckley’s son. About doing this movie, Badgley said: ” Jeff was seductive and alluring and daunting and huge in my mind, but, specifically, the story appealed to me.  The film obviously doesn’t have a lot of his music in it, and there’s so much about his father whom I didn’t know anything about. But it was very clear that the screenwriters had captured his voice. They had captured his essence and his soul and his art and where it all came from.  The quiet, organic snapshot of him felt very right.” And luckily, Badgley even has a similar octave range to Jeff Buckley!

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