Kim couldn't fly to the New York party, but she gave him a heartfelt gift instead.

Kim Kardashian in black white dress

Kim Kardashian in her infamous black and white dress back in February. Image c/o

Kanye West celebrated his 36th birthday on June 8th in New York city, with famous friends like Beyonce and Jay-Z. Meanwhile, the mother of his future child was stuck in Los Angeles, 8 months pregnant and not being able to fly. Kim Kardashian, who is expected to give birth to her and Kanye's first child next month, couldn't attend the Caribbean inspired party, as her pregnancy doesn't allow her to travel by plane.

Last year, Kardashian gave West a Lamborghini for his birthday, valued at $750,000, but this year he wished for less grande gestures. A source told Hollywood Life that the rapper would have peace of mind for Kim and himself rather than anything else. His partner of over one year obliged, and tweeted a collage of couple pictures from throughout their relationship, captioned: “Happy Birthday to my best friend, the love of my life, my soul!!!! I love you beyond words!” The collage was initially posted on Kim Kardashian's Instagram page.

Kim Kardashian Birthday Collage

Kim Kardashian made this collage of her and Kayne West for his 36th birthday on June 8th. Image c/o Kim Kardashian's Instagram.

The same source told the Hollywood site that Kim's gift was in perfect tune with Kanye's feeling for his birthday and that “he thought the world of it”. But he might get a second gift if all goes right, one that is far… sexier. A source told Hollywood Life that Playboy is interested in having a photo shoot with Kardashian after she gives birth! Apparently, the magazine knows that such an idea would be a huge commercial success, and they would do it without blinking. However, we're not sure that Kanye would be up for such a “gift”, even if both Kim and the magazine would reach an agreement. Back in 2007, Kim described her Playboy experience as “uncomfortable”, having been pressured by her mother, Kris Jenner, to pose in exchange for recognition.

Kim Kardashian wearing Gucci sunglasses

A reminder of Kim Kardashian's pre-pregnancy body. The star looks gorgeous in a black and white combo with Gucci sunglasses & Louboutins. Image c/o

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