In order to stay on top of the trends, one must always be creative. This means that you don't have to spend a lot to look like a million bucks. The solution? Do-it-yourself projects, which are incredibly popular at the moment. And it figures: you get to recycle things that you already own, and make them look like they've stepped down from a magazine. These are our favorite projects involving sunglasses – they're all easy to do and spectacular in result:

DIY hidden message sunglasses

10. Hidden message sunglasses, found on Mrs. Ferguson. Put a hidden message on the interior arm of a pair of sunglasses, and you'll always smile when you see it. This idea is great for a gift to someone you love.

DIY embellished sunglasses

9. Embellished floral sunglasses, found on Le Minimalist. Embellished sunglasses are all the rage, and you can make your own by hot gluing some pretty flowers at the corners of the frame.

DIY studded sunglasses8. DIY studded sunglasses, found on A Splendid Assemblage. If you're the edgy type, flowers are not the proper embellishment for you. Studs are! glue them all over the arms of your sunglasses and prepare to look cool.

Upcycled glitter sunglasses

7. DIY Mod Podge upcycled glitter glasses, found on Whimsey Box. Apply glitter or on the arms of your sunglasses, or even on the whole frame, for a fun, party look.

Dolce&Gabbana DIY sunglasses

6. Dolce&Gabbana inspired floral sunglasses, found on Muguet. Do you love the look of those embellished Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses, but can't afford them right now? Make your own version with summer flowers.

DIY sunglasses

5. DIY sunglasses, found on Submarine and Sewing Machines. Use two old pairs of sunglasses to get one that you love: just move the arms of a pair to the front of another.

DIY aztec sunglasses

4. Decorate your sunglasses, found on A Little Birdy Blog. Use nail polish to make your favorite pattern on the arms or front of your pastel sunglasses. Perfect for summer!

DIY rhinestone sunglasses

3. DIY rhinestone sunglasses, found on Trinkets in Bloom. Who doesn't love a little sparkle? Make your sunnies impressive with the aid of rhinestones.

DIY rhinestone peace sunglasses

2. DIY rhinestone peace sunglasses, found on Shine Trim Blog. These sunglasses are perfect for festival goers – they're fun, they're sparkly, and they show your love of peaceful things!

diy embroidered sunglasses

1. DIY embroidered sunglasses, found on Honestly WTF. Cross stitch has never looked more chic! Drill small holes into your sunglasses and embroider them however you like!