The fashion icon would have been 84 today.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis with wind in the hair and sunglasses. Image c/o

Wife of John F. Kennedy between 1953 – 1961, Jacqueline was more than just a first lady. She was an inspiration to the world, and is still considered representative of an era and a fashion icon to this day. One of the promoters of fashionable sunglasses in her day, we couldn’t help reminiscing about her best sunglasses looks, today, on her would-be 84th birthday.

jacqueline kennedy sunglasses

Jacqueline Kennedy’s best sunglasses moments. Images c/o Getty & Tumblr.

Jackie’s signature style were oversized sunglasses, so glamorous and beautiful. She wore various shapes, including oval, butterfly and square. They were usually black or havana colored, although sometimes she liked to play around with color (see picture 4 of the collage).

This woman has inspired generations of fashionistas, not only with her perfectly polished, classic wardrobe, but also with her attention to detail. Included here, we have sunglasses, which always complemented her outfits nicely. Ray Ban even launched a series called Jackie Ohh inspired by the first lady, which includes two oversized models in various colors (find them here: RB4098 and RB4101). It’s safe to say she’s been an inspiration for many other sunglasses brands, which you can use to get Jackie’s look.

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