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The actress shows off some skin and makes some confessions in her GQ interview.

Anna Kendrick GQ

Anna Kendrick poses for GQ Magazine. Image c/o

The 28 year old Anna Kendrick is one serious roles, but this month she reveals more than usual in a sexy photo shoot. Since she's playing an alcoholic in her latest flick, Drinking Buddies, the magazine started out by asking her about her drunken experiences. She confesses that she does, in fact, like every type of Belgian-style beer, and that she's been approached by fans twice while she was shopping for underwear! “There's something deeply embarrassing about being approached when you're holding knickers. And it's happened TWICE!”

Anna Kendrick GQ

Anna Kendrick in the latest issue of GQ magazine. Image c/o

Anna has been single since March, when she broke up with long-term boyfriend, Edgar Wright. She also told the mag that, on the first date, she expects the guy to pay, and that serenades don't really impress her, especially when the person who does it can't sing. She doesn't want to talk about the “actual reality” of his family when they first meet, nor about liver cancer and stuff like that. Her recommendation for getting to know each other, when “sex is off the table”, is simple: drinking. The whole interview is funny and a shows a side of Anna that we didn't know. And we're happy to see that, when the make-up comes off, she's still the charming gal we know and like (Instagram selfie proof below).

Anna Kendrick sunglasses

Anna Kendrick wearing transparent sunglasses frames. Image c/o @annakendrick47 on Instagram

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