27-year old actress Anna Kendrick shares her beauty secrets with her fans, and who wouldn’t want to know them? Her first tip is to wash your face before going to bed: “I should really follow my own advice with this one, because God knows I don’t do that all of the time, but it’s so important!” Secondly, you should keep using a good moisturizer: “I use Dermalogica Active Moist every day,” she told E! Online. Her final tip is a classic: less is more – “For makeup, I apply the Bobbi Brown foundation stick just where I need it, so I’m not covering my whole face in product. It’s an easy step and I always feel more like myself when I’m not all covered up.” Kendrick is one of the favorites for the coveted part of Princess Leia in the new Star Wars, which will be launched in 2015 under Disney productions. Other candidates for the role are Mila Kunis, Anne Hathaway, Rachel McAdams and Jennifer Lawrence, although nothing is official yet. Who do you think should get the part?

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