Ashley Olsen Jogging  in LA - January 4, 2010


Only uber-fashionistas–like the Olsen twins–could get away with jogging in a pair of insanely-glam Miu Miu shades (this is Ashley). How do these girls do it? Or the real question is, what is it that they DON’T do? Ash, along with sis Mary-Kate, sits at the helm of a mega-successful fashion empire that includes books, magazines, fragrances, a new affordable clothing line–Olsenboye for JC Penney, and a high-end label The Row / Elizabeth & James. The girls frequent the red carpet donning their signature boho-chic style sensibility which often consists of an eclectic mix of oversized sunglasses (like these Miu’s), boots, loose sweaters, and flowing skirts. But make no mistake about  it, these twin marketing mogals’ net worth is estimated at $100 million smackeroos. Now that’s some boho-bourg’ie bucks.

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