You might remember how Sex and the City 2 goes: the four friends go on a fabulous trip to Abu Dhabi and go though a number of fun happenings through the entire film. What we hadn’t noticed before was Carrie’s eyewear: sipping on cocktails by the pool, the New Yorker is wearing a fluid dress with a head scarf and Calvin Klein sunglasses! Round, combining acetate and metal, the sunglasses really add the finishing touch on the fashionista’s outfit!

But what has Sarah Jessica Parker been up to, since the Sex and the City frenzy ended? The 47 year old actress landed a godmother-like gig in Glee, playing Kurt‘s benevolent Vogue employer, and she’s gonna be part of the crew for “Mixtape”, a coming of age comedy directed by Tom Vaughan. “Story centers on a 12-year-old girl, raised by her aunt, who never knew her mother. She finds a mixtape that once belonged to her mom and accidentally destroys it, so she sets out to track down each of the obscure songs listed on the cassette,” according to

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