Austin Butler in Persol sunglasses


The Carrie DiariesAustin Butler does some grocery shopping in an all black outfit with his cap backwards and Persol sunglasses. The 22 year old actor covers Bello Magazine this month, and he looks super hot in the pictures. Here is what he had to say about the original Sex and the City: “I hadn’t watched [Sex and the City] before I did the pilot. But I was in New York and I said to myself, ‘I should really [watch] this show.’ And so I bought it on iTunes and I ended up watching two seasons in like a week or so. So during [the] filming of the pilot, when I wasn’t working, I was in my hotel room watching SATC. And even now, I’m on season three or four? I thought I’d watch maybe one episode for research. But it’s such a good show. You relate to it even though these are 30-something year old single women living in New York. But I think it’s the idea that they’re looking for love constantly, and in the weirdest places and it’s not quite lining up, and so one relates to that.” Butler is currently dating Vanessa Hudgens and they’ve been recently spotted together at a Wildfox fashion event.

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