Ah, Chris Brown. Where does one begin. He’s had a heckuva year–one minute he was raking it in on top of the Billboard charts, and the next, he was raking trash roadside in an orange jumpsuit. Before that ill-fated night of he and then girlfriend Rihanna’s altercation, he was riding high with double-platinum albums, music tours with Beyonce, and TV appearances on popular shows like The OC, showcasing his acting chops. Since then he’s been battling  Hum-Vee-busting hits from the media and music industry as he tries to climb his way back to grace. On a higher note, Chris’ urban-preppy-chic style gave way to these fab Persol sunglassess which are unabashedly ultra-cool–and he’s working them to the core.  These gorgeous sunglasses come in six luxe frame tones. Gotta hand it to the guy, though, for continuing to solidify his style status by rocking these shades.

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