The highly-anticipated block-bustin’ Fast Five hits theaters tomorrow and wrestler-turned-action star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson bulked up for the role (as if it seemed possible for him to get any bigger than in his last flick Faster!).  A newcomer to the Fast and Furious franchise, Dwayne pumped up his already imposing physique by a whopping 30 pounds for the fifth installment in the series. Fast Five finds returning stars Vin Diesel and Paul Walter moving from the world of underground drag racing to rip off a crime lord’s stash in Rio de Janeiro.

To bulk up for this insanely-action-packed heist flick — including his climactic onscreen brawl with Vin Diesel–The Rock stuck to a diet and workout routine that involves weightlifting, curls and a low-carb diet. According to screenwriter Chris Morgan, The Rock is “not a villain, but a man who will do whatever it takes to bring in the series’ outlaws… dead or alive.” To make his character a formidable opponent for the famously-ripped Vin Diesel, he regained much of the extraordinary muscle mass he carried in his wrestling days–weight he had since lost when he made his transition to Hollywood. For much of his movie career–which includes several family films like The Game Plan, Get Smart, Race to Witch Mountain, and the Tooth Fairy–Dwayne was a “slimmer” muscle man. Now he’s nearly returned to his hulking WWF/E days. He’ll be a sight for sore eyes in his new role, as he is here in these sleek Gucci aviators, which come in  seven frame hues. –rpuccia

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